Dionn Reneé, artist of ‘The Woman King’ film poster, paints Queen Diambi — the real-life ‘Woman King’

Dionn Reneé is recognized for her work as a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer throughout the entertainment industry. She has painted portraits of Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, and Maya Angelou, who displayed her portrait in her office. This year Dionn has been named ‘Selected Creator’ by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. and Columbia Tristar Marketing Group, Inc. for usage of her original artwork in the global marketing campaign for the film, ‘The Woman King’. The agreement includes promo art, social media, print materials, and merchandise.

The recently released Hollywood Blockbuster movie ‘The Woman King’ created a unique opportunity for Reneé, an already internationally recognized artist, to meet and paint an original portrait for the real-life ‘Woman King’  Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazil’s Bantu nation.

‘The Woman King’ poster by Dionn Reneé

Queen Diambi Kabatusuila was crowned as the ruler of the Bena Tshiyamba People of Bakwa Indu of Central Kasaï Region part of the ancient Luba Empire in the Democratic Republic of Congo on August 31, 2016. She has been enthroned by all the Bakwa Luntu Chiefs on July 15, 2017 and now holds the Title of Diambi Mukalenga Mukaji Wa Nkashama Wa Bakwa Luntu (Queen of the Order of the Leopard of the Bakwa Luntu People).

Dionn Reneé created portraits that capture the essence of the Queen’s regal demeanor and spirit. They were presented to Her Majesty during recent events held by the United Nations Assembly, (CUNY) New York University, and The New York Women’s Foundation. Queen Diambi received the paintings with sincere gratitude and welcomed Dionn‘s pledge to partner in her philanthropic endeavors.

“It is an honor to portray such a strong woman in my art. Coming off of the successful global marketing campaign from the film, and then to meet an actual real-life Queen – one whose purpose and mission align with my own – is truly the highlight of my art career,” says Dionn.

The movie ‘The Woman King’ is based on actual events that Dionn Reneé was able to relate to. As a child she was diagnosed with lupus and struggled with the debilitating symptoms that accompany this ailment. Most of her life has been a battle that she has fought like a warrior. Even including, in recent years, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, rigorous fitness training, and just an all around health based lifestyle. Her approach to the project was with a thorough understanding of the mindset of the Viola Davis character. Her experience translated into a remarkable artistic expression of the subject.

“It is a true honor to participate on a project of such magnitude while elevating strong women in the process. I am excited to be a part of this phenomenal release,” says Dionn.

In addition to her artistry, Dionn Reneé is in the process of launching The Dionn Renee Studios, as well as DRW Advertising, both of which will operate out of Harrisburg, PA in early 2023.