Utilizing a holistic approach to empowerment, the foundation’s core programming structure involves the development of an artist’s craft, through year-round residencies, public engagement with an expansive body of work, exhibitions and representation in international festivals. Applying curatorial evidence-based metrics to programming, the foundation measures impact through the statistics of artists and writers that transcend residency rooms to festival halls, galleries, museums, and bookstores.

Nsa Artists Residency

Annually, Nsa Artists’ residency curatorial team works with five early to mid-career visual artists to explore and interrogate the multiple forms of selves, concentrating critically on developing the artist’s unique voice and style. Through an annual curatorial approach, the residency explores identity formation to build on concepts of migration, cultural values, social injustice, gender, spirituality, and individualism.  The fully-funded intensive six months residency consists of solos and group professional development workshops, visiting artist curatorial editions, art talks, community dialogue, art critics sessions, mentorships, small group presentations, exhibitions, and public engagements.

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Nsa Writers Residency

Nsa Writers Residency provides an annual opportunity for five writers to escape their regular routines and invest substantial time, amongst a community of editors, fellow writers, and visiting agents, in the development of a fully publishable manuscript. In the course of a six-month duration, writers learn, share, and develop their craft to build upon existing or new manuscripts. Nsa Writers Residency targets early to mid-career creative writers identifying as People with disabilities, women, BIPOC, BIMPOC, QTIBIPOC, and writers of other minority ethnic groups.

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Ibom International Arts and Book Festival

We perceive the world through the lens of individual and collective experiences and we connect with our differences through storytelling and arts. Stories are reflective of multiple coexisting identities and cultural values, but more often than not, minority stories and arts remain invisible, unexplored, and unappreciated.

Books and arts by traditionally and historically marginalized authors and visual artists are still missing in mainstream publishing, galleries, and museums. Ibom International Arts and Book Festival was designed to respond to the dire need of identifying, celebrating, and highlighting the literary and artistic creative works of minority writers and visual artists. Subsequently navigating the City of Philadelphia (North America) and Uyo City (Nigeria), Ibom International Arts and Book Festival empowers and sustains platforms for marginalized writers and visual artists in Africa and North America.

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